Perhaps You Still Don’t Understand The Reason For Your Struggle, So Read This

Kateria Wynn
4 min readJun 7, 2022

You’re always trying to fix something when nothing needs to be fixed.

Woman with grumpy face.
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You’re wanting, hoping, and wishing that you can be anywhere but where you are now.

If you’re not confident, you want to read articles about being more confident. If you’re sad, you’re trying to cheer yourself up, or the people around you want you to be happier.

There’s this feeling of unease within that we can’t avoid.

We can’t just be sad.
We can’t just be unconfident.

We’re continually running away from ourselves.

Sign that reads “Come run with us.”
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Where Are You Going?

You’re always trying to do things to get somewhere. You always have more goals and trying to become a better version of yourself.

It would be great to skip to the part where life gets good and everything feels perfect because you want things to be different.

You wish your income, relationship status, living situation, day job, and the amount of debt you’re in could get cosmetic surgery, especially how…



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