My Mom Is A Real-Life Devil, But I Still Love Her

Kateria Wynn
8 min readApr 30, 2022

Some moms incarnate as Cruella De Ville.

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Mother’s Day is around the corner — an annual reminder that the right words to describe the relationship I have with my mom are not in a Hallmark card.

For most of my youth, a gentle, compassionate, big-hearted mother in movies or in real life gave me a tight feeling in my chest. I wanted to experience love like that.

My mom says she loves me but I’ve felt the emptiness in her words since childhood. I still can’t share this information with her at 29, or I get the silent treatment. The experience of a mother’s unconditional love is foreign to me.

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Every Mom Can’t Be Sarabi From The Lion King

I was my parent’s first child of five and quickly learned we wouldn’t be taking family photos. I endured the brunt of my mom’s anger, pain, and stress from my parent’s challenging relationship and eventual divorce.

I was the quintessential parentified child by age 8. I spent most of my time helping my mom take care of my siblings because she raised us alone in poverty.



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