Maybe The Secret Is Not Wanting Anything Different For Yourself Or Anyone Else

Conscious Commentary
6 min readJun 21, 2022

Sure, you may be a master manifester, but you’re hiding that you always want more and are unsatisfied.

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Do you assume you should know what you or others should be experiencing in life now?

Have you noticed that your expectations of yourself and others make you dissatisfied?

Have you noticed that you’re still waiting for your life to improve?

Maybe you’re waiting for some great day in the future when everything in your life will be exactly as you wish it could be.

What else needs to happen in your life before you can allow yourself to be happy without personal expectations?

Maybe the secret is not wanting anything different for yourself or anyone else.

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Are You Postponing Happiness?

Have you noticed that you can’t be anywhere other than wherever you find yourself?

Why not be committed to being here fully without trying to escape?

If you’re being honest, you may see how the constant escaping is causing so much disappointment and unhappiness.

Life wants to experience the specific flavor of your experience exactly as it’s playing out right now, or it wouldn’t be happening.

Have you ever considered this?

We can stop fighting with whatever is unfolding in our lives and learn to embrace our realities full-on.

Whatever is happening in front of you right now can’t be any other way. That’s why it’s not the way you wish it to be.

Can you fully commit to whatever is happening in your life?

Can you trust there’s a higher reason for experiencing exactly where you are right now?

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