Let The Past Go Now Because You’ll Eventually Have To Let Everything Go Sooner Or Later

Conscious Commentary
5 min readJun 18, 2022

You want to look back at all your photos, but there are too many in the Cloud.

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We’re all swimming through our unique life processes.

All the pain, challenges, fears, and losses are still folded between joys, laughter, and love. Your heart still beats in rhythm with everyone else on this Earth as it always has.

Your life will continue to unfold perfectly.

The past was the past, and it can’t be changed. It’s the name of the elephant whos always in the room.

It happened, and it’s gone.

Yet, laying things to rest isn’t always easy. Change can be so damn challenging.

Everything is new, and nothing is the same. You’re constantly adjusting and recalibrating. It’s never-ending fresh territory.

Did we really sign up for this?

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Indeed, some chapters seem too tough to close.

We keep re-reading the last words on the page as if the author will add more to the end of an already completed chapter through the power of our hovering alone.

Maybe with the digital books of our future, but embracing our personal seasons of change keeps us feeling healthy. It helps us let go of the past when it’s clear the timing has come or is long overdue.

If not now, when?

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The Past Doesn’t Exist Anymore

I say this to myself often.

It empowers me to choose to lean into my own process of letting go of my lifeless past because I can’t argue with it.

This is the reality.

That’s why simple gratitude and mindfulness practices exist.

What’s happening now won’t last.

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