How To Have a Brutally Honest Conversation With Anyone and Stop Sugar Coating Your Truth

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5 min readJun 16, 2022

In these early 20s, it’s much easier thought of than done.

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A brutally honest conversation these days can either be positive or turn south quickly.

This flavor of honesty is often seen as “too honest,” so we don’t practice it much.

Because censorship, cancel culture, and politically correct workplaces are part of our realities.

Sugar coating has its place and tastes sweet, but sometimes watered-down truth doesn’t feel OK in the gut.

And it’s your second brain, by the way.

Honesty is one of my values.

It could be because I’m a Sagittarius whose epitome of past trauma surrounds expressing my truth. I learned to filter my natural bluntness to make others comfortable around me early.

Or it could be because I’ve been involved with so many narcissists that couldn’t handle the honesty I desired to cultivate within our relationship.

Thankfully children are the most brutally honest beings on Earth and always give me a good laugh from their straight-up way of speaking.

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Some of us want to live in a world where we can embrace more of our inner child’s candid communication style.

This flavor of honesty penetrates us so profoundly that we feel at home whenever there’s nothing more to be said and nowhere to run and hide.

You and five colleagues are dealing with vague expectations and standards, not being evaluated, empowered, or included, and being criticized for things that aren’t in your control.

This might be a structural problem within your organization.

This is a one-way ticket to burnout; no amount of mantras or meditating will save you.


It’s refreshing to have open, honest conversations that can get us somewhere.

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