He Said Women Are Far More In Touch With Emotional Issues Than Men And That Most Walk Through Life In A Fog

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2 min readNov 10, 2022

And he’s thankfully not a California native.

Photo by ABDALLA M on Unsplash

He told me he was fifty-two — my dad’s age. I was intrigued by this experiment in art and the love he expressed.

Age is irrelevant to me.

He’s a full-time writer living between LA and New York and says he’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met or known.

Ok, Daddy.

I’m a woman, 29 years young, living in the Bay Area, software engineer, but I’ve been a writer since I could write.

He says I’m a terrific writer.

He didn’t share a photo of himself or an Instagram account, but he wants me to.

It looks like we’ve begun a new adventure. The art of foreplay > instant gratification.

Three hours later, he says he’s waiting to hear back from me.

I tell him to penetrate me with his words.

He’ll get it.

For imaginative purposes, I’m what our society calls racially ambiguous and conventionally attractive. I know my privilege and choose to use my influence and power wisely.

He’s interested in connecting with me deeper.

I need an electric feel.

The only men with pictures of me are the ones I 100% enjoy having conversations with and can undoubtedly imagine sucking their dick.

He says life’s too short to accept the unremarkable and that I’m clearly not a stupid woman.

He’s finishing up a memoir and is emotionally fascinated by women. He’s looking for more intellectual stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

Sexuality is a significant part of his creative process. It moves him to write in a certain way, and he wants his next artistic adventure to be nothing more than a blaze of color.

I tell him women innately know sexual energy is creative. We’re naturally cyclical and biologically wired to face a mandatory death/rebirth process daily. This internal process outwardly reflects in all women.

Women are different every single day of their lives.

Some men love and embrace, some are terrified, and some don’t know what’s happening.

He says I sound like an odd thing in this world and impress the shit out of him — he wants me to be his next muse.

I told him to follow his instincts.

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