Giving Your Life Purpose and Your Attitude Are The Keys You Need To Live Your Best Life Right Now

Conscious Commentary
6 min readJun 23, 2022

It doesn't matter what happens. It matters what you do with what happens.

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Maybe you can't imagine a way out of your uninspiring life.

Or maybe you clearly see a path out of your dissatisfaction, but fear is holding you back from following through with your dreams.

So, you've made a comfy home settling for second best.

People who found their purpose in life inspire you, so you wonder when you'll find yours.

But you can't seem to focus on anything for more than 15 seconds because of your TikTok addiction.

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Here's a secret.

Your purpose isn't something to find or wait for.

You give your life purpose.

And your attitude at any given moment infuses your life experiences with meaning.

You change your whole world through your attitude alone.

Your raw self-honesty is all that's needed.

And Googling the impacts of TikTok addiction won't hurt either.

The Courage To Give Your Life Purpose

Your purpose in life has nothing to do with sticking to a specific career path or your number of followers on social media.

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The beauty of life is you can literally do anything you put your heart and mind to.

The question most of us are seeking an answer to is what to put our energy and attention to.

Our focus and attention are hot commodities these days.

If you're confused about what to pay attention to, I highly recommend a social media and advice detox.

You'll need a lot of space from outside influences so you can authentically tap into your truth.

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